Spring Forward With This Seasons Must Have Accessories!!!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, outdoor activities...don't you just love the Spring?!  With today being the first day of Spring, we will bet that your To Do list includes spring cleaning.  Here's a a list of this seasons must have accessories to get you off to the perfect start, so it's out with the old and in with the new!  

The Body Chain - This dainty piece is a must have because of its versatility.  It can be worn either over or under your tops, dresses, and bathing suits.  Don't shy away from this style, no matter your size,  because its natural draping makes it flattering on all body types.  Slide this over a basic outfit and you will be surprised how it adds the perfect touch!   

The Crossbody - This practical and handsfree bag is not going anywhere, anytime soon.  With more women embracing the boho, casual, and hippie chic style...this bag has become an absolute must have!  And the best part is that both hands are free so you will always be ready for Tweeting, Instagram, and selfies, of course! 

The Statement Necklace -  Wanna say something when you walk into a room, without saying a word? Well, that's where the statement necklace steps in.  This accessory will put an exclamation point on any outfit!   

The See Through Heel -  There was a time when clear heels meant that your profession involved using a pole BUT that is no longer the case!  With pops of color on the toe and heel, the clear shoe has now become an absolute must have.  The styling options for these shoes are endless so go ahead and give them a try...don't be scarrred!! 

The Midi Ring - This style of ring meant to be worn between the tip of the finger and the knuckle.  They are sometimes referred to as a knuckle ring.  They are pretty inexpensive so you can layer your fingers with a variety of midi rings to show off your own personal style.

What are your favorite accessories?