The Best Things About Wearing A Dress!!!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

There are several things to look forward to with the arrival of the warm season.  But there are two that I am especially grateful for...longer days and shorter hemlines!  Okay so I know there are other options (i.e, pants, shorts, etc) but here are the most AWESOME things about tossing on a dress everyday, if you so choose!


1.  Dresses can easily be transformed from a day to night look.


2. Part of the Single Ladies Club?  Not for long!  Most men actually prefer to go out on a date with a woman who is wearing a dress or skirt.  

3. Dresses gives the appearance that you did a little something extra.  Throw on a dress the next time you are running late for an event and appear prepared and perfectly primped!


And my personal favorite...Dresses can conceal a tummy bulge when you had too many tacos or just having one of those days. 


 Why do you like to wear dresses?