Festival Essentials

Ahhh...we finally made it to spring! Not only can we give winter the finger but it's also time to prepare for what most of us music heads long for...FESTIVAL TIME! Whether you are going to check out newbies on the music scene, well known celebrities or just making memories with your people...we are giving you the essentials needed for festival hopping no matter what your agenda!

Sunglasses - of course with warm weather comes sunshine.  Protect your eyes with your perfect pair of sunglasses.  Unsure which glasses look best? Go with the Aviator style. We have found this style looks good on everyones face!

UV Protective Lip Balm - dry, burnt lips anyone? I didn't think so! Whether you wear makeup or none at all, wearing a UV Protective Lip Balm will not only moisture your lips but it will protect them from getting sunburned.

Sunscreen - always, always, always, protect your skin with sunscreen when going outside even if it's not sunny, apply it at least 15 minutes prior to going outside.

Hat - if you aren't a fan of sunglasses then a hat is the way to go. A wide brim hat is an even better choice because it will provide more shade for your body.

Comfortable Shoes - if there is one thing you will do at any festival is walk. Although I love my heels and I'm sure you do too, you may opt to leave them at home.  Cop a pair of canvas tennis shoes that will match anything or gladiator style sandals. Your twinkling toes will be so grateful!

Crossbody Bag- this style of bag is absolutely perfect for festival hopping! Throw it across one of shoulders and you can surf the mosh pit and tweak all day! 

Deodorant - heat, dancing for hours, sweating...do you really need to know why this is an essential?

And your lastly but certainly not least, you must have the perfect festival outfit, of course! Take a look below at some options for you and they are all available at Blue Labels Boutique! 

                            Head Honcho Leggings 

                              Sailing Dress

                         Serenity Top

Cherry Pie Top $15                                    



            Fringe Benefits Top