Layer Lovers Rejoice!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Those of us who love to create our outfits with layers have been dreading the warmer temperatures because that means we have to shed our cardigans, beanies, scarves that we love so much just to be able to survive in the heat!  Screams are being heard around the world (yes, seriously) as layer lovers put away their wardrobe and freak out about letting go.  If you are hyper-ventilating just by reading about this, then we can officially call you a Layer Lover.  Welcome to the club!  Letting go of your layers is never going to be an easy process but you still have options available that will take care of your "layer fix" in 100 degree temperatures! So go grab a small paper bag, breathe slowly into it, think happy thoughts and take notes...   

Necklaces/Chains -  Making a statement with jewelry is huge this season.  There are no rules so you can mix links and metals to show off your original style. There is no such thing as too much so layer it on! 

Nail Polish - Layering nail polish colors is an inexpensive way to get your layering on!  Nail art is still trending big time this season and the more elaborate the better so don't be afraid to go there! 

Mini Skirt With Leggings - This will cure a serious case of the layer lovers blues.  Pairing leggings under a mini skirt allows you to have a layer while still enjoying the warm temperatures.  Wear this with a simple camisole or a shoulder baring top for the perfect summer look!  

Midi Rings - Breathe a sigh of relief as you slide on midi ring, after midi ring, after midi ring.  These rings range from dainty to substantial so mixing the different sizes can make a true statement. 

Lipstick - This fun lipstick look will fulfill all of your layering needs!  This look is best suited for evening or night looks and will add the perfect pop of color needed for any outfit!  

Crop With A Shirt Underneath - This is a plus for layer lovers who aren't ready to fully embrace the crop top trend.  Tummy fully covered...check, layer fix...check!