Leggings Law: Are You A Law Abiding Citizen?

Leggings are a fun and inexpensive way to broaden your wardrobe.  Nowadays, the question to ask isn't "do you have any leggings?" it's "how many pairs of leggings do you own?" I haven't taken an official survey but if I had to guess I would say at least 90% percent us own a pair of leggings.  You may have your staple pair that you toss on with your knee high boots or that pair that has one too many holes that you wear to the gym.  Or is that just me? Ever experienced this...you are awaiting your turn in the grocery store checkout line while the customer in front of you bends over to pick up her groceries and all you see is her flower printed panties?!  Why?? Because she wearing paper thin leggings with a crop top.  Not only is this unflattering but it has become a serious issue with many repeat offender. I have found that the crime is less about the actual leggings but more about what people choose to wear with them.  It feels like it's time to lay down the law, so we created the Leggings Law.  I have provided you with the Top 3 Leggings Laws that are broken the most often.  My intent is to do my part in saving the world from this horrendous fashion crime!  You can do your part by not only being a law abiding citizen but also by making a citizens arrest, if necessary. 

Offense #1:  Top Is Too Short -  Leggings are not pants!  Therefore to avoid showing unmentionables, the top you wear should fall at least to your mid hip area.   

Offense #2: Top Is Too Tight -  Leggings are usually made from a blend of cotton or polyester and nylon (which makes them skin tight).  With that being said, if you pair them with a skintight top, it will look like you are wearing a bodysuit.  Which is cool, if you are headed to the disco.  Consider the fit of the top you choose to pair with your leggings.  It should be at least slightly loose fitting and fall at least to the mid-hip area.  Be careful not to choose a top that is too boxy or long because it could cause an unflattering silhouette.  

Offense #3:  Top Does Not Coordinate - The patterns, styles and colors available in leggings are endless.  The great part of is that the options are endless!  The bad part is that offenders take it to a whole 'nother level by paring them with the wrong colored top.  Bright colored and bold patterned leggings should be paired with a neutral colored top such as gray, navy or even denim!  Balance is the key! 

Are you guilty?