6 Cheap Ways To Transform From Day To Night!

Have you ever been overloaded with work and received a midday text from hubby requesting to meet for dinner right after work? Or maybe received an email from your business partner advising of a meeting immediately following work with a potential client?  How about receiving a call from a friend begging to meet up for Happy Hour at the new bar down the street?  I don't know about you but the first thing that pops into my head when I receive an invite is..."WTF am I going to wear?"  This question is difficult to answer when you are in your "work clothes" with no time to stop and change.  I mean who wants to wear a business suit and sensible shoes to Happy Hour?!   Modern women are more focused on their careers and making their stamp in the world more now than ever before.  Fearless women everywhere are entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, and more all at the same damn time.  This leaves little to no time to spend hours at the mall searching for an evening business meeting outfit or a sexy date night look. If this sounds all to familiar, then luckily we are here to save you!  Best of all, some these items are already in your handbag.  If not, you can keep them toss them in your trunk, glove compartment or everyday bag for easy access.  These quick transformations will leave you with plenty of time for world domination!  

Wear A Belt - A belt will quickly cinch in your waist and add color or shine to any outfit.  Here, a basic black work outfit was transformed to a night look by adding this gold plate belt. 

Bold Lipstick - It takes as little as $1 and two seconds to instantly transform you from day to night with a bold colored lipstick!

Let Your Hair Down - A bun or ponytail is usually associated with daytime looks. But when you let your hair down, you seem to feel as free as your hair does.  Whether your hair barely skimps the earlobe or flows down to your butt, let your hair down to turn up for the evening!  

Perfume - Sounds crazy, right?! It's true!  There are scents that are associated with evening and help to create that a sultry confidence.  Honeysuckle, musk, floral, chocolate and even pepper are just to name a few.  Take a peek at the ingredients the next time you grab a bottle.  Here are a few examples:


          Fan Di Fendi                                     NEST White Sandalwood           Burberry Brit Rhythm


 Wear Eyeliner - The rule of thumb in makeup for eyeliner is light during the day and heavier at night.  To amp up from day to night you can simply thicken and lengthen the eyeliner on your upper lid and lightly line your lower lid to create a sexy cat eye! 

Wear Heels - When worn properly, heels make you look thinner and more confident.  This is because they lengthen the appearance of your body and cause you to walk upright with shoulders back.  Not to mention they give you a complete "gym rat" look because your calfs look muscular!  So take the time to practice walking in heels if you aren't familiar, the practice time is so worth it!

What other ways can you quickly transform your look?