Slimming Effects

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

We all have those "I don't feel so hot days".  You know when you wake up with that tummy bulge that you didn't have last night.  Maybe you packed on a few from hibernating during the winter months or gained the new relationship weight?  It happens to the best of us big deal.  The great thing about clothes is that once you know what fits well on you, it is easy to pick up pieces that help to accentuate the positives and negate the negatives. Or at least the negatives you see, that the rest of the world probably doesn't.  It's not about your size wear, it is how you wear it.  The foundation of any outfit is confidence and we have given you some tips for the rest! 

The Peplum - The ultra hot peplum is one of our top picks for creating an hourglass figure.  It cinches in the waist and slightly flows out at the hips thus creating the perfect hourglass figure!  Be sure the peplum glides over the tummy area rather than hugging it.    

The Wrap Dress - All hail to the queen, Diane Von Furstenberg!   In 1974, she created the wrap dress and set a trend that is still considered one of the sexiest yet conservative looks to date.  It cinches in the waist and accentuates your cleavage.  Since it is a self tie, you can easily adjust the fit to give you that Coke bottle shape that we all know and love! Shout out to Diane Von Furstenburg, the originator of this style!  

The Loose- fitting Top/Slim Fitting Bottoms - Wearing a slightly loose fitting top can conceal anything worth concealing.  It is important that the top is slightly loose instead of being so big that it fits like a tent.  When paired with slim jeans, the outfit is flattering for any body type.


Colorbocking - Colorblocking has been a style that pops on and off the fashion scene.  But it has recently popped back in a big way!  Strategically placed blocks of color will create that brick house shape that will make him drool.   The examples below show how black color block panels on the each side slims the waist.

High Waisted Bottoms - It is easy to see how a pair of high waisted shorts or a high waisted skirt can be slimming because it conceals the tummy.  Also, since it goes up higher on the waist, it slims the entire area.  Polish off this look with a billowy top.    

Go get your slim on!  What tips do you have?