All White Eeeerthang!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Back in the day, during the 1800s, the color white was considered a regal color only worn by that exclusive 1% who had the money and power to "pull it off". To date, white is still considered somewhat of a regal presence hence white wedding dresses and Diddys' ever so popular All White Party.  Not that I've ever been, damn guest list, but the pictures are amazing!  Maybe next year?! But anyway, there are so many different ideas concerning the color white and fashion.  For the most part, treat it like life and make your own rules! But before you go stepping in your all white ensemble, you must know there are some definite rule breakers.  Fearless and courageous women everywhere are reading this thinking.."some rules are meant to be broken"!  I agree BUT these rules are to be followed thoroughly! You can thank me later! 


Do wear white whenever you want!  The "no white after Labor Day" rule must have been made up from someone who was boring or bored. Your clothes, your rules!

Do wear nude panties or go commando! Going commando may sound cray but white garments are available in anything from a light gauze to heavy denim.  There's nothing sexy about a panty line. If you don't plan on showing your goods to the world, take a peek at your booty in the mirror before leaving out the door.  Then you can decide!  

Do try on before buying!  White is not a forgiving color, any bumps or dents are likely to show.  So to keep panty lines and more at bay, try it on to ensure it fits properly.

Do pair with neutrals.  White is a gleaming color in itself, if you shy away from wearing it with a neon pink top, then neutrals are for you.  White jeans with neutral colors such camel and peach creates a sophisticated outfit.  


Don't wear with heavy black shoes.  White creates a light and airy vibe!  But when put together with black heels it creates a dark, hot mess!  Leave the black shoes for another ensemble unless they are multi-colored with black.

Don't wear with white shoes.  No matter the price, white pants with white shoes will make the outfit look cheap!  There are a few exceptions BUT if you aren't walking down the aisle...leave the white shoes for another time.

Don't wear white to a wedding.  With summer quickly around the corner, marriage invitations will be too! With that, you should never, ever wear all white to a wedding.  Let the bride have her shine!  

Don't wear it to dirty location.  If your plans for the day include taking the kids to the park, you may want to wear a dark color.  Obviously, white will get dirty fast so plan to wear it during an easy day at the mall with girls!