Confidence: How To Fake It 'Til You Make It

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Confidence is just one of those things we all need to successfully navigate in the world through our fears and challenges.   However, depending on the person, it can be difficult to obtain and even harder to maintain.  We all have those days, months, and even years when we our fears take over leaving us with little to no confidence in ourselves.  Without it, it is nearly impossible to accomplish goals or succeed at most anything for that matter.  A confident woman can land that job she wants, get the man she wants, and can talk herself out of a speeding ticket!  Since the world around us refuses to stop while we confidently choose our next step in life and since your confidence can take time to fully develop, we are giving you some tips on how to "Fake It 'Til You Make It".   

* Make Eye Contact - looking someone in the eyes gives you the appearance of being confident.  It also makes the recipient confident in you!  If you are a sales person, on a first date, or just want to make an impression...give 'em some eye contact!

*Wear Heels - if you are properly wearing heels, your shoulders will be back, tummy in and butt out! If this isn't the case, then it is time to practice wearing heels.  Not only will you appear slimmer but nothing says confidence like good posture!

*Learn how to take criticism - Unfortunately, you are likely to come across someone in your lifetime who isn't your biggest fan.  With that, they have no qualms about giving you "constructive" criticism.  Accepting criticism is one of the toughest lessons in confidence so you will probably have to work at this one.  How do you fake it? To make it simple, use  "I respect your opinion", "Ok, it's good to know that you feel comfortable enough to tell me this" or " I'll keep that in mind" as your reply.  Or come up with a response that best fits you that can be used in any situation.  A confident woman doesn't have to argue about someone else's opinion because she trusts her own opinion.  

     "When you were just a youngin', your looks were so precious, But now you're grown up, so fly it's a blessing.  But you can't have a man look at you for five seconds, without you being insecure"  - How To Love, Lil Wayne

*Learn how to receive a compliment - Lil Wayne put it simple...a confident woman knows how to take a compliment.  If this is something you are still working on then fake it! Heres how: say "Thank You", smile, and make eye contact with the person for 3 seconds. That 3 seconds of eye contact says that you own it.  Give it a try the next time you receive a compliment.  It exudes confidence so much that a little bit of it gets on the person giving the compliment!

*Smile - A smile gives you the appearance of being happy, approachable, confident and much more!  So just smile....period!! 

*Give Compliments - A confident woman is secure enough to give someone else a compliment. Giving a compliment gives off the impression that you are confident enough to spread it to others!  Try it during your next mall trip and watch how they look at your confidence in admiration!

Keep practicing these tips and before you know it you will be making it and no longer faking it!!!