25 Subtle Changes That Will To Get You Summer Ready!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

"Eat less, exercise more", "Starve yourself and drinks lots of water" , "Eat cabbage for a week straight"  We've heard it all when it comes to weight loss advise.  Let's keep it real...denying yourself from having a chocolate chip cookie will eventually lead to you gorging on the whole dozen.  Then after swearing off carbohydrates, you find yourself in the McDonalds Drive Thru at 2am..."large fry, please!"  You can avoid all of this by keeping it simple: being active and moderation.  We all don't have the time to workout seven days a week and count every single calorie that goes into our mouth!  With that in mind, we decided to give you 25 quick changes you can make right now that will help you slide easily into those sexy summer clothes!  Take note of the ones that work for you!

1. Drink Calorie Free Drinks - yes, this requires you to look at the label but if it is zero calories, it will be on the front of the bottle!  The company wants to make sure you can see it!

2. Use apple sauce instead of oil when baking.  Sounds strange?! Try it, you won't be able to taste the difference and there 

3. Put the fried to the side.  I know it's good but opt for grilled or even meatless over the fried.

4. Having a night out? Order your spirits on the rocks to save yourself from fattening mixers.  Or go with a low calorie option such as red wine or inquire about any "skinny" options the bartender can recommend.

5.  Stay away from carbonated beverages.  The bubbles in carbonated drinks lead to bloating in the tummy area...'nuff said!

6. Try a smoothie.  Smoothie have recently become the "new" thing to do but it really is a great option.  It allows you to mix  fruit and/or veggies for a filling snack that will give you help you meet your daily nutrition requirements that you may have not otherwise met. 

7. Get some rest. Getting a good nights rest will help to feel more energetic which helps to make better decisions!

8. Take stairs instead of elevator.  You have probably heard this one before but here's an additional tip..hands off the rails!  This will help you to burn more calories.

9. Take far away parking spot.  This one is common too but consider doing walking lunges while you are walking to door.  It will help to shape your thighs and booty!

10. Limit Spirits to weekends.  Who doesn't enjoy a cocktail everyone know and then?! Agreed but here is where you apply moderation.  A glass of wine is about 120 calories per 5 ounces.  Enjoy two glasses, then three...see where I'm going here?  It still adds up! 

11. Stand up straight!  Standing up straight makes everyone look taller and leaner.

12. Eat breakfast.  Starting your day with a healthy breakfast will help you to make better food choices throughout the day because you won't be ravished. 

13. Add fiber!  It makes your tummy feel fuller which makes you less hungry! 

14. Drink water. Sometimes we mistake being hungry for simply needing water.  The next time you feel unexpectedly hungry, drink some water and then re-evaluate. 

15. Avoid elastic waist.  Wearing gym shorts and leggings all of the time may not keep you realistic about your weight because it comfortably adjusts when you get bigger or smaller.  But being unable to fit your size 5 jeans will make you take notice! 

16. Scale Check.  Don't obsess over what the scale says.  You weight can change slightly from day to day so getting on the scale so often may drive you nuts.  It is more reasonable to weigh yourself on a weekly or even monthly basis.

17. Cut back on refined carbs such as chips, cracker and pasta.  These type of carbs don't stay in the digestive system long so you will be hungry soon after consumption.  Switch these for good carbs such as whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits.

18. Cut back on sugar.  You know it's fattening. :-)

19. Try Green Tea.  It chase been proven to speed up the metabolism which helps in weight loss.  It comes in hot or cold.  Beware it is not laden with sugar and sodium.

20. Sugar substitutes.  Sugar substitutes get a bad rap because like everything else it has it's good and bad points.  It has zero calories per teaspoon versus regular sugars' 15 calories.  Some research has also food that it can make you even hungrier.  Again...moderation is the key.

21. At Drive Thru? - Swap fries for side salad or vegetable.  If fries are a must have, then go with the kids meal. 

22. Get Active - try taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood after dinner or take a Saturday morning hike with the family.  Before you know, you will be running a mile or more!

23. Watch your size!  Proportion size is important when eating, so here's how to "eye the size" guide.  

Look at your hand...

Tip of thumb = 1 tbsp

Thumb = 1 oz

Palm = 3oz steak/salom/chicken breast

Fist = a cup, such as cup of cereal

Handful = 1oz, such mixed nuts or 1/2 oz of chips 

24. Avoid condiments.  Condiments such ketchup, mayo, and Ranch dressing are full of fat and calories.  Swap them for mustard, salsa, and hot sauce.

25.  Walk instead of ride!  Walk to your corner store or to check the mail.  Every little bit of exercise counts!