Choosing A Jewelry Statement Piece

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

A statement jewelry piece is that item you can put on with anything and it always makes you feel sexy and powerful.  Since Spring is here and Summer is near, now is the time swap that winter jewelry statement piece for one that will carry you well into the fall.  There are some exciting new trends in accessories along with some oldies but ever so classic goodies.  The wonderful thing about updating your accessory wardrobe is that it is easy on the pockets, but there are a few things to consider.  1. What part of my body do I most want to accentuate? Pick a piece the best accentuates it!  2. When selecting metals, do I want silver/gold, or both? Metals are big right now and so are mixed metals. Pick a metal or mix it up! 3. How much do I want to spend? We are all about saving a dollar so, with that in mind, here are some great budget friendly options for you:

Dangling Earrings & Large Necklaces accentuates cleavage.


Royal Earrings                   Lined Up Earrings         Pink Caribbean Earrings

                                         (all available at Blue Labels Boutique)

Tip: Larger necklaces are best paired with studs or small dangles as shown.  Dangle and hoop earrings are best with dainty necklaces or none at all.


Nail Polish and Rings accentuates hands and fingers.


Cleopatra Ring                                      Matte Nail Apparel                                      Infinity Ring

                                     (all available at Blue Labels Boutique)

Bar Necklaces and chains accentuate face and cleavage in a dainty way! 


Love/Hate Necklace                                            Twisted Herringbone Necklace


Want to the accentuates waist? Go with a long necklace.