10 Small Things That Will Make Him Swoon!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

As a women, hopefully you have or have had the pleasure of being in a relationship with someone that caters to your every need and treats you like a princess.  Some of us, are so used to that concept that we forget to take out the time to give our man that little extra something that makes him feel like a king.  Here are 10 small things you can do that will make your man feel special all while still wearing your crown!   

1. Make him lunch for work - Packing breakfast and/or lunch for your honey before he heads out for the day will make him especially appreciative when his stomach is growling.  You will probably have to add a few minutes to your morning routine but payoff is worth it!

2. Leave a sexy note in his car or wallet - No time to make lunch? Put a sexy note in his wallet or car visor.  It will remind him of what's to come after his long day!

3. Tell him how much you appreciate him - Just saying the words.."I appreciate you" will make his little heart a flutter.  I mean you always say.."I love you", right?

4. Be sexy -  Men are visual creatures, so wearing something that you know will attract his attention will be greatly appreciated.  

5. Surprise him - Whether you cook dinner in lingerie or cop tickets to his favorite NBA team.  Men like surprises just like we do!

6. Learn a new bedroom trick - No matter what you're into; get creative!

7. Get involved -  Okay, so watching a baseball game for 3 hours sounds boring right? Give it a try! Before you know it, you will enjoy snacking on pretzels, drinking a couple of brewskies and shouting at the television! He will enjoy it, for sure!

8. Pick up something for him - Ever hear the saying "Men marry women like their mom"? There may be some truth to that!  Pick up a toiletry you may notice he needs on your next Target trip.  It will give him that Mommy feeling while you are still still the queen and it will put a smile on his face!

9. Initiate - Even the score with your man by initiating more often.  He won't turn you down...guaranteed! 

10. Give a foot rub - Grab some lotion and give him a foot rub during an evening of television binging.  His feet will feel like royalty too!