Style Lessons To Know Before 30!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Finding what works for you in fashion can be a fun and long trip of process of elimination.  Experimenting with clothes as time goes by, helps you figure out your "go to" items and your "go to hell" items!  No matter what stage you are in with your experimenting, here are style lessons you must know well before 30!    

- Just because it's tight and/or short, doesn't mean it's sexy!

- Cover your legs, if you are showing cleavage.

- Cover your cleavage, if you are showing your legs.

- Flats CAN be sexy!

- There IS a such thing as too much cleavage!

- Your skirt/shorts CAN BE too short!

- Sometimes less is more!

- Be real about your true size. Clothes that are ill fitting are not flattering on any body type. 

- Pay attention to your panty line! It doesn't look good on anyone! Find a comfortable pair of thongs or try commando :).

- Confidence is the key!