Quick Spring Beauty Habits

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

                                                    Blue Labels Boutique Spring Beauty Tips! 


*Stay Hydrated - Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day will improve your skins appearance.  It will also provide a natural source of energy for your body.

*Sunblock - Rain or shine, always protect yourself from the suns harmful rays.

*Moisturize - Moisturizing your face and all over your body will help keep your skin from drying out in the summer heat.

*Exfoliate - We mean your whole body! It will improve the texture of your overall skin.  Having cracked heels is a definite beauty habit DON'T!

*Wash Hands - Your hands probably touch a million things a day and all of them have some type of germs on them, guaranteed!  Those germs are then spread to your face and even worse, your mouth!  Gross, right?!  Washings your hands frequently will save your face and a trip to the doctors office!

*Wash Your Face Before Bed - Wash all the stresses from the environment off your face before your head hits the pillow.  You will wake up with a refreshed face!

*Floss - Take selfies much? Flossing daily will improve your smile!

What quick tips would you add to the list?