10 Things That Ages Women!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

1. Gray Hairs - Nothing adds age like a few gray hairs.  And of course, they mainly pop up along the hairline, which frames the face.  Some women start graying in their early 20s!  Don't embrace it, erase it!  Find another way to embrace maturing!  Grab a box of hair color or find a good beautician!  

2. Wearing The Wrong Bra Size - An ill-fitting bra can make the girls look old and tired!  On your next outing, find a lingerie store and get a free bra fitting.  It also improves your posture, which can also age you.  

3. Wearing The Wrong Size Clothes -  No matter your size, wearing clothes that are too baggy will add pounds to your frame that you don't even have.  Why would you want that? Slim fitting (not tight) is the way to go! 

4. Thin Eyelashes - Thin eyelashes can make you look tired, which can really age your face.  Try a few coats of mascara.  Or there are lots of false eyelashes options.  There hundreds of How To videos on YouTube if you need help with application.  

5. Eyewear - When choosing glasses you should select a frame that compliments your skin tone and the shape of your face.  But when choosing sunglasses, we say the bigger the better!  They can cover up a multitude of sins i.e, a late night out or an eyebrow mishap which can be rough on the face.  

6. Extra Weight - You will be surprised how much younger you can look after dropping a mere 5-10 pounds.  No time to shed the pounds right now? Need a quick fix? Try Spanx...I hear they are amazing! :)

7. Taking Life Too Seriously -  We all have bills, jobs, family, and so on but there may be time to make some changes if you can't enjoy life.  Ever had a friend (or yourself) who won't even hop on a roller coaster because "they are too old for that"?  Or maybe they were "too old" to enjoy watching a cartoon with kids or a Carnival face painting.  What a buzz kill, right?! No matter what age you are, you are never too old to have fun!

8.  Yuckmouth - Ever heard of yuckmouth? It is when someone opens their mouth and all you can think is "yuck!".  Yellow teeth is a definite yuck mouth issue and they make you look like someones' old, cigarette smoking Auntie!  This problem can be easily fixed with one of the several teeth whitening strips that are at your local drugstore.  Or save a few bucks by  adding baking soda to your toothbrush along with your toothpaste.  

9. Thinking You Are Too Old To Wear A Particular Style - Mini skirts, crop tops, rompers...these may all sound like something only a teenager would wear but that's simply not true!  To ensure that your outfit is timeless...make sure two things are right: the fit and the accessories.  For example, a mini skirt can be 1 1/2" above the knee rather than 6" above the knee.  Or your romper can be a knee skimming short set rather than booty skimmers....you see where we are going with this?  Do it your way!

10. Frowning -  Walking around with a frown on your face is not only unattractive but it creates lines around the mouth and on the forehead.  And lines = age!  Smiling can be mood boosting, it makes you look approachable, and gives you a youthful look! Look in the mirror and give it a try! 

                                                    What else would you add to the list?