9 Tips On Preserving That Pretty Polish!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Getting a manicure can cost you anywhere from $25 and up.  Sure, you can buy nail polish for $1, but if you the "good stuff", it will set you back $15 and much more!  With money like that being thrown around, there should be no reason why the polish ends up chipped on Day 1!  Whether done at home or a nail salon, your manicure should last at least two weeks!  If it isn't...stop throwing your money away and follow our tips on preserving your pretty nails! 

1. Let The Polish Completely Dry - We are all busy but it takes more than one cycle under the dryer for your nails to completely dry.  Lightly run your fingers across to make sure your nails are dry before moving on to the next thing!  

2. Thin Double Coats - Thin layers dry faster.  Also, doubling up on coats can give you an extra layer of cushion should a chip incident occur.

3. Polish Tip Of Nail - Brushing a thin coat of polish on the very tip helps to create a seal on your nails.  This is where the chipping usually starts.

4.  Use An Emery Board - Before applying polish lightly run an emery board across the nail and brush off the residue.  The rough texture will help the polish bond to your nail.   

5. Dehydrate Nails With Cleaner - Nail cleaner can also be used to ensure all of the residue from your nails are gone.

6. Use A Base Coat - Using a sticky base coat before applying your polish will help the polish adhere to your nails. 

7. Fix Chips Immediately -  If you don't fix a chipped nail immediately, it will get worse.  Brush a thin coat over of polish over the chip to cover it.  Or use clear polish!

8. Avoid Water - It may seem sooner but it actually takes about 12 hours for your polish to completely set.  So wait a day before jumping in the pool or washing your car!  

9. Use Gloves When Washing Dishes - Soaking your nails in water can make your polish soft and it will peel right off.  Protect them with a cute pair of washing gloves! 

                                                           Did we forget anything?