7 Things Mom Never Told You

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

"Mama said there'll be days like this" is one of the many phrases that pops in my head when I'm having one of those days.  As little girls, our Mom teaches us when to say "Please", "Thank You" and to always cross our legs when wearing a dress.  Manners are important agreed, but its seems like there may be a few things Mama never told us about.  Here are 7 things Mom should have told you but didn't!  

1. "The way to a mans heart is through his stomach"  This is a popular saying heard from mothers everywhere.  What Mama didn't tell us is that there is another way to his heart and it has nothing to do with food!   

2. Friends can be seasonal.  How much time have you spent crying on Mama's shoulder because a friend betrayed you.  Did Mama never told you that some friends are only meant to be in your life for a season and not a lifetime.  If a friend continues to do you wrong, cut them loose...they were seasonal!  

3. Learn how to change your own tire.  A man or AAA may not always be available!  Every woman needs to know how to change a tire! 

4. You DO have to get along with his mother.  In-laws can be a pain in the butt!  But usually they are like that because they want the best for their son or daughter.  Yes, spending the holidays with your family is easier but spending some time with his family is just as important!  Don't listen to Mom if when she suggests to ignore them, she may not want to share your time.

5. Rewarding good deeds with ice cream, cake, and cookies was okay when you were 9 years old!  Mom should have told you that keeping up that habit lead to even bigger problems! :)

6.  It is okay to take your time when it comes to marriage and kids.  Moms love being a grandmother so requesting grandchildren may come earlier than you expected.  Due to here eagerness, Mom may have forgotten to tell you that there is nothing wrong with establishing yourself before getting married and popping out babies.  Finish college, take that Europe trip, or accomplish your goals before making the big commitment!    

7. It's okay for a girl to get tipsy every now and then!  Mom probably says there's nothing ladylike about being inebriated and loud!  But Mama never told you there's an exception...like your birthday, wedding or because it's Tuesday.  Celebrate in moderation, it doesn't make you a bad girl!

Did Mom forget to tell you any of these things? Or did Mom keep you well informed?