Unconventional Uses For Mascara!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

One of my favorite cosmetics is mascara.  With it...eyes look more pronounced and you look less tired.  Besides that...luscious lashes are sexy!  Therefore, I never leave home without it.  Since it's always in my handbag, I've found some not so conventional ways to use mascara.  And here they are!

#1 - In between hair dye jobs? Run a mascara brush along your roots to fake a new dye job until you can get your hair done.

#2 - Need to leave a quick note? Mascara is a great marker!

#3 - Furniture is bound to get knicked at some point.  Dot the knick with mascara that matches the furniture color to cover up that knick!  

#4 - Have a scuff on your shoes?!  Mascara can cover that up!      

#5 - Nail Polish - For instance, if you are wearing black polish and the tips starts peeling?? You can dab it with a lil' mascara and hopefully a clear coat (if you have some around) to keep your mani looking right!  

#6 - Leather handbags can get scuffed too and who can afford to drop money on a new bag every time it gets scuffed?  The corners of handbags tend to wear easily too so don't be afraid to dab a lil' mascara on it.  You won't hurt a thing!  

#8 - Mole - If your trying to channel Cindy Crawford or Marilyn Monroe, you can have some fun and put a mole on your face with mascara.  Its a fun temporary beauty trick! Work!

Who would've thought that mascara can be such a lifesaver?! Do you use your mascara for anything else?