What The Hem?

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

When you are online shopping for the perfect look, there are lots of things you probably consider such as the type of fabric you want, size, style, color, etc, etc.  But do you ever consider your hemline? Of course the traditional mini, maxi and midi hemlines are always available but there are definitely some new players in the game!  So if you are someone looking to add some "new new" to your closet, take a look below as we answer the question..."What The Hem?"


                                Lace Hem                                                           Crochet Hem 


                                                               Asymmetrical Hem

                               Scoop Hem


                                Slanted Hem                                                  Handkerchief Hem    

All of these awesome items are available at Blue Labels Boutique!  Which hemline do you choose? Shop Now!