6 Reasons To Wear Gold Jewelry!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

It seems like everyone wears jewelry in white metals such as silver, platinum and white gold.  It seems like somewhere along the line, people forgot about gold!  If you forgotten about it, you won't be able to deny it because gold is back in a big way.  Need a reason to add gold to your jewelry wardrobe?  Here's 6! 

#1 Research has found that gold can attract energy and vitality in the human body.

#2 Its' beautiful color resembles the sun, which is warm and illuminates the skin. 

#3 During ancient times, gold was worn by Gods and Goddess'.  Therefore, you will look regal and expensive.

#4 The 90s were all about thick gold chains, door knocker earrings and any gaudy gold that you can get your hands on! Well, the 90s style is back so you will be right on trend!  Salt N Pepa did it best!

#5 If you take a poll on jewelry, you will find the majority of women wear white metal jewelry.  Throw on some gold jewelry to stand out!  Who wants to look like everyone else?

#6 On a budget?! You can get the look of real gold at a fraction of the price.

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