13 Things We Love About Our Mom!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

With Mothers Day only 3 days away, the malls and internet will be flooded with last minute shoppers (including myself) looking for the perfect Mothers Day gift.  There is so much those dang Mothers give us!  They drive us crazy but what we do without them?  Some of us have one but some are lucky enough to have a few mothers in their life.  So whether your Mother is an older sister, Aunt, foster mom, mother in law, or whatever...here's some things you have to LOVE about your mother! 

- They always forgive you, no matter what you say or do.

- They always have your best interest in mind, even when it doesn't feel that way.

- They are the only ones that give interest free loans!

- Their shoulder are always available to cry on!

- Who else is gonna feed you soup when you have a sore throat?

- They answer the phone no matter what time you call.

- You will always have a place to stay.

- You always have a shopping trip partner.

- They are the best babysitters with better hours than daycare!

- Girl talk over a glass of wine.

- They unconsciously massage your ego when you need it.

- Their dating advice.  Although, we don't agree with it all.

- Their parenting advice.  Again, even though we may not agree with it.

Did we leave anything out? What do you love about your mother?