Is Side Boob The New Cleavage?

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

It seems like everywhere you look from the red carpet, to the bar and everywhere in between...everyone is rocking the side boob!

So it had me side boob the new cleavage?!  Just rummaging through my own closet, I found out that I may have a little obsession with side boob myself.  Muscle tees, tank style summer dresses all have the side boob thing going on.  Since I've unconsciously caught the side boob craze, I thought it would be a good idea to help you to embrace this look as well!  If you haven't already, of course! 

Here are the Side Boob Rules Of Thumb:

- Need a lil' lift? Try breast lift tape.

- Side boob is meant to look unintentional.  Don't look like you're trying to hard by avoiding tops that are too small.

- Choose side boob or cleavage...both is probably too much!

- There is a time and a place to wear this look. The office or church service isn't one of them!

- Going braless? Pratice your movements before leaving the house to make sure you can shop without showing more than just side boob!

                                       Ok, so now that you have the rules, shop our side boob looks! 


Are you feeling the side boob look?