How To Pull Off The Boho Look

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Although many try, few have been able to pull off the boho chic look quite like one of my style favorites, Nicole Richie.  Until now, that is!  I am going to show you how to rock the boho look like a pro!  Ok so here is a quick lesson.  The word Bohemian is defined as a native or inhabitant of Bohemiaof or relating to Bohemia or its people, and/or a person who has informal and unconventional social habits.  The definition inspires a boho chic look that is meant to be effortless, informal, and unconventional all while displaying a sex appeal that turns heads.  Now that you know a bit about its' is a surefire way to accomplish the look. 

                                                            The Boho Chic Checklist

*Headpiece - It can be a scarf wrapped around your hair, a floral headpiece or one like the example below.  Every boho girl needs a headpiece!  

Goddess Head Chain 

*Take It To The Max - A maxi skirt or maxi dress will definitely give you that effortless boho look.                 

*Sunblocked - A wide brim, floppy hat says "This boho chic has arrived!"

*Flow With It - Flowing tops are sexy without being constricting.  A definite boho girl must have!                    

*Fringe Baby! - Fringe from tops to shoes! Fringe says boho all the way!              

*Cross your heart! - A cross body is not only a boho must have, but it is a must have for every women!                       

*Eye Catcher - Bold and colored patterns are a must!                  

 *Wide legs - Flare jeans, wide leg pants, and boyfriend jeans.  These items will get your bottom boho chic ready!

*Gladiator Style Sandals                         

*Accessorize! - Accessories will make you THAT boho chic!  Mix and match different textures and layer them on!  Stack on midi rings.  Boho chics' also turn it up a notch with accessories others might deem unconventional like a belly chain.


Are you a boho chic girl?  How do you rock the look?