How To Wear To Mix Prints Without Looking Like A Damn Fool

Posted by Kristie Glenn on of the greatest forms of expression!  When you walk out of the door, your outfit is telling the world all about you without even opening your mouth!  Mixing prints is a great way to show off your personality and it's a surefire way to stand out in a crowd.  It is also fun because it gives you a chance to create something different rather than going with just the basics!  Who wants to be basic?  A mixed print outfit should look like a collage of artwork not like someone threw up stripes and patterns all over you.  Come've seen it before!  Don't get me wrong, anyone can pull off the "mixed print" look but there are a few rules you want to follow.  Here are some tips on mixing prints to keep you from liking like a damn fool!  

Tip #1 - Stick to the same pattern and mix two different colors.  

Tip # 2 - Stick to the same color palette and mix different patterns.

White Stripes Top $28 & Cancun Shorts $26, Blue Labels Boutique

Tip #3 - Stick to the same lines.  For instance, this top has a stripe going down the middle and the shorts are striped too.          

Tip #4 - When in doubt mix stripes and polka dots.  This always goes well together!        

Tip #5 - Pattern sizes on top and bottom should be of same proportion.  Here, the geometric print on top and stripes on skirt are the same size.  

Tip #6 - Choose a single item that mixes the prints for you.

   Girl Scout Mint Dress $58, Blue Labels Boutique

Tip #8 - Mix prints on shoes and handbags.                      

Tip # 9 - Still not sure? Start small...pair a patterned skirt with a tee that has a simple front design. You're still mixing it up!                    

Ready to start mixing your prints? Already do...then how do you mix it up?