Wedding Outfit Tips

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

We made it past Memorial Day so you know what that season!  Love seems to definitely be in the air because literally everyone around me just got married or are soon to be married and I love it!  I usually enjoy the ceremony with a good cry, cocktails, great food, dancing until the wee hours of the morning and who doesn't like wedding cake?  With so many invites coming invitation says formal, another says semi-casual; with all of these attire requirements how the hell do you pick what to wear?  Looking for the "perfect" outfit can be a daunting task but it certainly doesn't have to be.  Here are some tips on how to choose an outfit that will be appropriate for any wedding. 

1. Watch your hemline.  When in doubt, go with a long dress.  They are best for any wedding.  At the knee or slightly above is ok but mini skirts are wrong!  If the wedding is on a hot, sunny night...go with a light fabric like chiffon.  Another rule of thumb, if you would wear it to a club, don't wear it to a wedding.

2. Jewel-tones look great for evening or formal weddings.  Emerald, ruby, sapphire are examples of jewel-tones and they have a dressy feeling.

3.  Avoid wearing white.  The bride may not care, she might even wear white but just stay away from the color just to be safe. 

4.  Carry a clutch with a strap.  Hopefully, you will be on the dance floor so you can throw the purse on your shoulder and keep getting your dance on.  

5.  Bring your dancing shoes!  Unless you will be walking on the beach, bring your sexy yet comfortable heels.  Heels are a must when going to a wedding because it dresses up any outfit.  I recommend your most comfortable pair so that you can dance the night away.   

6.  Statement Jewelry will glam up any outfit.  When I say statement, I mean a necklace that really sparkles!  Pair a black maxi dress, with a statement necklace and some sexy heels.  You will be amazed! 

7.  Avoid colors that are being used in the wedding (if you can help it.)  Sometimes the wedding colors are included in the invitations or maybe you are close with the bride.  Nevertheless, stay away to avoid looking like the bridal party.  

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