How To Get Over Your Crop Top Fears!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Have you noticed the sudden surge in crop tops?!  You can walk around with blinders on all day but the crop look is here to stay!  Now, raise your hand if you love the look but never tried it because you were afraid you couldn't pull it off?  You can put your hand down and throw away your fear because I am boing to help you get over your croptophobia!  Let me start by saying that wearing a crop top the right way can make your body look slimmer and your legs looks longer.  Sounds good so far, right?  Keep reading for more crop help!

*If your fear is exposure of a belly bulge then choose a longer crop that hits below the belly button or wear it with high waisted bottoms.  This will leave you with only a tiny sliver of your tummy showing which is just enough.   

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*Fear of your hips looking wide?  Go with a monochromatic look or pair the crop with a dark colored bottom.  Both options create an overall slimming silhouette.  

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*Fear of flat booty syndrome?  Everyone is obsessed with having a big booty these days, right?!  If you are, then go with a crop that is longer in the back.  The extra fabric in the back will give the illusion of a bigger booty and slimmer waist.


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*Fear of the dreaded tummy roll when sitting?  Then, rock a crop that has a flowy or boxy fit.  This fit is not restricting so the fabric will fit loose over any rolls that may pop up when you sit down.

Keep in mind that nothing will look good on you if you don't feel great in it.  Confidence is the best accessory for any outfit.  So you can always wear a form fitting cami under your crop until you are 100% confident. 

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