Trends from the 90s...they're baaack!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

It seems like the 1990s era was just yesterday.  If you grew up during the 90s then you know Clueless, Beverly Hills 90210 and shows from T.G.I.Fridays helped to shape what was trending in fashion.  Salt n' Pepper, Queen Latifah, and JJ Fad proved that you could look sexy in a bomber jacket, doorknocker earrings, Timberlands and a spandex onesie.  Back then, you wouldn't be a part of the cool crowd without wearing scrunchies, slouch slocks and those uncomfortable jellies.  In fashion, trends come and go.  Thank God some go because I wouldn't be caught on my worst day with a scrunchy in my hair.  Is it just me?  Nevertheless,  I am happy to see that some of those trends are making their way back.  Here are styles from the 90s that are baaack!                   

* Tucking in the front of your shirt.  How effortlessly cool is this?  

* Round-shaped lenses. Channel your Dwayne Wayne from It's A Different World!

* Some call it the tight roll, others call it the geek roll, and we used to call it the gucci roll.  Although, I'm not sure why because it has nothing to do with the Gucci.  No matter what you called it, it is basically a tight ass roll of the bottom of your pants leg.  

*Overalls!  But not your kiddie Osh Kosh overalls.  Keep the accessories sexy!  Cat Sandler shared a pic on her Instagram of how to wear overalls like a grown up.

And lastly, big jewelry.  Dust off those door knocker earrings and rope chains because the bigger, the better.  Can you see yourself rocking these looks? Or do you already?