10 Fashion Faux Pas Women Make!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

As women, we are automatically supposed to know what's in or out, what looks best on us and all of the "fashion rules", right?!  Wrong!  We are all human and make mistakes.  Unfortunately, mistakes in fashion happen too often.  

Faux pas is French for "making a false step".  A Fashion Faux Pas is like committing a crime of fashion and who wants to commit such a horrible crime?!  Hey, I've committed a few myself.  To help you from becoming a victim of the system, we are giving you 10 fashion faux to avoid!    

                                                                            Faux Pas #1 - Muffin Tops

The famous muffin top appears when your bottoms are too tight.  This faux pas can be avoided by getting your real size when shopping for bottoms.  Try them on, if necessary, to make sure they aren't too tight in the waist.   Don't let this be you!


                                                                 Faux Pas #2 - Shoes That Don't Fit

If you have to hold on to someone when you walk, if your toes are hanging off, or foot meat is spilling over the sides...you're dead ass wrong my friend!  Cop shoes in your true size. Take a couple walks around around the store before buying them if you need to.  You're twinkling toes will thank you for it. 


                                                     Faux Pas #3 - Shorts/Skirts That Are Too Short and/or too Tight

If you have to pull them down every 3 steps you take, they are too short!  Besides...super tight and super short can leave you needing an appointment with your gyno.  Avoid the doctors office by sizing up or adding an inch to the inseam.           


Faux Pas #4 - Wearing shiny or reflective material during the day.  Sequin, beading, or any other reflective material is best for a night look.  


Faux Pas #5 - Wearing clothes that are too baggy.  This doesn't cover up lumps, it actually creates them!


Faux Pas #6 - Wearing Leggings As Pants                                      

Faux Pas #7 - Over-accessorizing.  Layering dainty jewelry like stacking midi rings or bangle bracelets is one thing.  But when you are wearing so much big jewelry that all we see is jewelry, then you might want to dial it down.  One big piece is enough.  The other pieces should be on a much smaller scale. 

Faux Pas #8 -  Wearing the wrong panties.  Showing panty lines or thongs peeking out the back is not sexy.  Do the "sit down" test, "bend over" test...whatever you have to do to avoid this!    

            (pics from Instagram)

Faux #9 - Not trying new things.  If have been rocking the same look for the past 10 years then it is time to change it up.  Your lifestyle has certainly changed, so why haven't your clothes?    

Faux Pas #10 - Wearing anything uncomfortable.  The saying "Pain is Beauty" is BS.  If you aren't comfortable in it, then you aren't wearing the right thing.  Leave that uncomfortable ish for those who are trying to find themselves.    "Beauty is comfort and confidence" 

What fashion faux pas do you see that drive you crazy?