Look Expensive Without Going Broke

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Who wouldn't want to look like the girl who has it all when you walk out of the house?  The idea of looking "expensive" without things being expensive is certainly nothing new.  Even those that go for the "grunge" or "dirty look" spend lots of the money to look that way.  The key to pulling off the "expensive" look is knowing how to pick pieces that look like they cost a lot of money without them actually costing a lot of money.  Pairing reasonably priced clothes with accessories that you have splurged on is one way to look like you drop some serious cash.  Here are tips on how to look expensive without ending up in the soup line.    When shopping their are certain thingsgrabbing clothes that are less expensive and pairing them with accessories that you have splurged on.  That idea is to Look expensive without being expensive.  Left with a few bucks left in your wallet.  

- Check the stitching of the item.  Make sure it is sewn well and in tact. 

- The instruction labels on clothes are there for a reason.  Take note of the label and follow them to keep the item in tip top shape!       

- Dark colors can immediately make something look more expensive.  Wearing rich hues such as emerald green, royal blue, and black make materials look more expensive.                      

- Wearing a blazer.  There is something about a blazer that says class and money, honey!  During warmer months go with a breathable fabric like cotton or lace.                          

- Keep it simple.  Sporting too many trends at one time can definitely look, ummm, cheap!  If you are going with trendy, stick with one or no more than two at at time.  

- No wire hangers!  I hate to sound like Mommy Dearest but using wire hangers can change the shape of your clothes.  Try plastic, wood or some other type.

- If you wearing a light or light colored fabric, check for a lining.  Having a lining will not only make the item look more expensive, but it will make sure your goods are properly concealed. 

- Choose outfits that are not constricting or too short.  Get the perfect fit that contours your body.

                Girl Scout Mint Dress  

- Add a scarf to it!  A scarf is a great way to pull an outfit together and look like a well traveled women while you are at it.

- A great pair of shoes.  Splurge on a great pair of shoes that will look good with everything.  If they are raggedy then it's time for them to go! 

- A great handbag may be all you need.  Cop a bag made out of quality, durable material like leather to keep it for years to come.

How do you add expense to your outfit?