12 Steps To Making The Most Of Your Summer!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

15 days!!! Yep...we have exactly 15 days until the official first day of summer!  Some of us have been stuck in the house so long that we forget all about the Summer!  If snow, rain, tornadoes or even the dreaded winter weight has kept you in the house for the past few months then you are in the right place.  Follow our 12 step program you need in order to make the most of this summer! 

Step 1 - Who wears short shorts?!  We do!  Make the most of your summer wardrobe by showing off your stems in a great pair of shorts!  

Step 2 - Bar- B- Que!  Food brings families and friends together especially on a warm summer day!  Throw a couple of turkey dogs and corn on the cobs on the grill and let the fun begin! 

Step 3 - Summer is the time for big blockbuster movies.  Head to the movies and enjoy a couple of them!  You won't regret it!

Step 4 - Laugh often.  No matter the month, day, or year...laughter will automatically lift your spirits and outlook for the day! 

Step 5 - Say yes!  If you have a habit of saying "no" when you're invited out, say "yes"  this summer! You never know...you might just enjoy it!  Don't be afraid to get out and try new things, this is the perfect time!  

Step 6 - Popsicles!  Have you ever had a strawberry popsicle on a hot summer day?!  Omg...my mouth is watering just thinking about it! 

Step 7 - Stay hydrated.  The heat can definitely cause your body to go through a few things if you aren't used to it.  Protect yourself by staying hydrating especially, if you're active!  

Step 8 - Take a road trip.  Cheetos, license plate bingo, and singing to the top of your lungs...road trips are the best!  Get out and see the world through your windshield.  

Step 9 - A bikini bod!  Are you one of those "dropping 10 pounds preparing for summer" type girls?  Well, I am.  And there's nothing like a cute bikini to show it off!   

Step 10 - Summer cocktails!  A refreshing summer cocktail is just what the doctor ordered (or should) after a long day at work.  Enjoy a summer cocktail on your balcony, patio (or whatever you have) to help you unwind.  Your day will surely turn around!  I can't wait to try a recipe that I recently saw on E! news.  It was chunks of honeydew melon, simple syrup, fresh mint, and white wine mixed in a blender.  Then you pour it into a popsicle mold and freeze for 6 hours.  There you have it...White Wine Honeydew Melon Mint Pop.  If you love to repeat Step 6 (like me) then try an adult version with that recipe!

Step 11 - Read a good book.  Remember those?!  I love my iPhone, Mac, etc, etc, like everyone else but there must be a time when you shut off your technology to get a break, right?!  If not, then make plans to do just that!  Close the technology and open a book.  Reading a good book while laying on the beach is a great way to relax on a hot summer day.

Step 12 - Leave your job!  Slow down...I'm not saying quit your job! LOL.  But if you're schedule is Sunday-Saturday from 7am-8pm, when will you have time to stop and soak up some sun?  You won't! Take advantage of it by scheduling vacation days so you won't miss out on all of the fun! 

So there you have it!  You're are ready to seize the summer days!  How do you make the most of your summer?