9 Things You Can Do With Your Boo This Weekend!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

No matter how long you have been with your boo-thang there can come a time when you find yourselves doing the same thing over and over.  Sound familiar? Put the phone down, you don't need couple counseling!  This certainly doesn't mean that your relationship is doomed.  All you need is a refresher and doing a lil' something, something different is the remedy!  So before you reach for the remote control to watch yet another reality show, take a peek at 9 things you can do with your boo to get that old thang back!   

Game Night - Who doesn't love a good board game?  Champagne and Scrabble will spark an intellectual fire like you won't believe! 

Campfire In The Backyard -  Take it back to your Girl Scout days.  All you need is a portable fire pit (which you can find fairly inexpensive at Target) and a s'mores kit!  S'mores by the fire, under the stars is super romantic!

Have Out Of Town Breakfast - Take a morning trip to a town close to you, just for breakfast. Saturday morning traffic is usually very low so you won't have to worry bout that hassle.  A nice leisure drive, breakfast at a friendly Mom & Pop restaurant and maybe a stop or two at the flea markets on the way home.  There is something about being out of town that gives us a different type of energy.   The both of you will feel refreshed like you just got in from a vacation. 

Favorite Movie Night - Each person picks one or two of their favorite movies as a child that the other person hasn't seen.  Pile up on snacks, throw on your pajamas and spend the rest of the night laughing at corny movies from the past!

Switch Hobbies - If love Broadway plays and he is into fishing, then switch it up! Take him to a play or enjoy a day of fishing on the lake.  This will give you both a chance to see what they love about their hobby and it further cements your friendship. Doesn't this sound like some great bonding time?! 

Workout Together - Taking a fitness class together is your  chance to show off what you're working with it your cute lil' spandex outfit. The combination of the workout and those tiny shorts will make more than his temperature rise! 

Go To An Arcade or Amusement Park -  No you don't have to be 13 years old!  You're never too old to enjoy a roller coaster or a friendly competition of old school Pacman.  This will surely bring out the kid in both of you!

Skating - Skating is another activity that will bring out the kid in both of you!  You will laugh like never before!

Try Something New Together - Whether it's the new sushi restaurant up the street or zipling.  Try something new with your boo!  You can be there to support each other!

Try one or two these date ideas to spice things up!  You'll both be happy that you did.  Which idea do you like?  How do you refresh your relationship?