How To Make The Perfect Pair Of Denim Cutoffs!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Denim cutoffs are a MUST for every girls summer gear.  Why?!  For the same reason jeans are, because they look good with everything!  No really!  Denim cutoffs with a tank and flip flops are great during the day.  You can also throw them on with heels and a statement necklace to turn it up for a night look.  Denim cutoffs can easily help you pull off any outfit.  

If you have been shopping for denim cutoffs lately, then you will see that they are getting shorter and more expensive!  Don't get me wrong...I'm definitely not against showing off legs for days! But let's be honest, there is nothing more uncomfortable than a pair of tight ass denim shorts that you have to pull out of your goodies every time you walk, right?!  So this morning, I decided to take to save money and my goodies by making my own cutoffs.  Ok, so I was one of those kids that put holes in their jeans and cut off the sleeves to a uniform just to be different, so I'm no stranger to the concept.  But I was a lot younger then and I now know that sex appeal isn't about wearing the tightest and shortest things out there.  Also then,  I was willing to suffer.  But not anymore!  When you know better, you do better, right?  If you want the denim cutoffs and are tired of the suffering too, take a look at how I did it!     

I wanted to go for the distressed look and make them a little bit lighter so here is what I used: jeans (of course), plastic gloves, bleach, a bucket, water, a piece of cardboard, scissors, and a cutting tool to destroy like a razor or steak knife.  

Step 1 - Try the jeans on in front of a mirror.  See where you want the shorts to fall and then mark 1" to 2" lower.  The length will shorten a little bit after washing.  

Step 2 - Cut the marked leg first.  Then use it as a marker, line it up with the other pants leg, and cut straight across.

Here's how they look after cutting both legs:


Step 3 - Destroy shorts with cutting tools.  Place the cardboard in between the pants leg to keep you from getting cut.  Hold the fabric firm against the cardboard and run the razor or whichever you tool you choose across the fabric.  You can also make small holes or tears in them. This will give them a great worn look.


Step 4 -  Fill your bucket with 2 cups of bleach and fill the rest up with water.  Put the jeans in the tub and make sure they are fully submersed.  Don't forget the gloves!

After two hours:

Step 5 - Pour out the mixture and throw shorts in the washer in cold water.  No detergent! 

Step 6 - Dry shorts completely and voila!  You have the perfect pair of denim cutoffs!  

Wear them without the cuff if you want to go with longer short.

Trying to show off those legs?? Then, cuff them!  

From Soccer Mom to Milf with a simple cuff...versatility at it's best!  I love the new color and the tye dye denim effect.  So what do you think?  How do you wear your cutoffs?