Spin Your Way To A Slimmer Body!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

If you have never tried a spin class the thought of sitting on a bike in a cold, dark room may seem like crazy talk but it is actually a fun workout!  As an avid spinner, I must warn you that it is addictive!  If you want a calorie torching, stress busting, workout then keep reading!  A few months back I decided to save a few bucks and to avoid the stress of traffic by quitting the gym and getting a cycling back at home.  Although summer is a little more than a week away, you still have time to spin your way into a summer body with plenty of sunny days left!  Here are some quick tips:

                                                Cycling Tips:

- Aim for at least 45 mins.  If that's too much, then start with 20 minutes and work up to it.

- Look in the mirror while cycling, it you can to keep you focused.

- Stay hydrated.  You will definitely need that water bottle!

- Play upbeat music!  It helps keep your pace and motivation up! 

- Use the knob to turn up the intensity.  The higher the intensity, the more calories you will burn.  As a rule of thumb, crank up the intensity each time the chorus (or hook) plays during a song.   

- Have fun.  A workout if meant to be fun so make the most of it!

Need some playlist ideas?!  Here's what I'm working out to right now!                                          

- Partition by Beyonce 

- Loyal by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga 

- Type Of Way by Rich Homie Quan 

- Happy by Pharrell Williams 

- Turn Down For What by DJ Snake & Lil John 

- Drunk In Love by Beyonce 

- Cut Her Off by KCamp feat 2Chainz

- Boss by Rick Ross, yep from 2008!

- Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo feat 2Chainz 

So go ahead and get your sweat on...let me know how you feel!  How do you stay active?