How To Think Like A Man When Choosing An Outfits

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

We all know that men are known to be visually intrigued human beings, right?  So naturally tight and short would be the go to style that men consider sexy.  But, besides showing the usual T&A, what other styles do men find sexy?  If you are trying to get away from letting it all hang out, here are some outfits to help you think like a man and choose a sexy alternative.   

- A pencil skirt is slim fitting enough to show off your figure but long enough to be demure.  The boys will likey likey! 

- A romper or jumpsuit is effortlessly, sexy. 

                      Royal Jumper 

- Strut your shoulders.  It always a sexy part of a womans body.

- Show off your back.  Its an alternative to cleavage and just as sexy! 

- Men like simplicity.  Keep is simple in a sundress. 


Shop these outfits and plenty more with Blue Labels Boutique, of course!  What other styles do you think men find sexy?