8 Silly Things To Stop Keeping From Your Boo!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Ever been driving in the car and your man has the A/C on Antarctic, but you don't turn it down even though your fingers are numb?!  Or maybe he always forgets to order your Cobb salad without bacon but instead of making a big fuss you take the time to pick through every piece of lettuce to make sure you have removed all traces of bacon?!  If this sounds familiar, then you, may have a case of the "need to please" or maybe you want to avoid looking like a nag? The ancient mentality that "Women are to be seen and not heard" is not as long gone as you probably think.  Not speaking up or withholding petty information from your man is not ladylike, it's just plain old dumb!  Modern, fearless women everywhere should not be afraid to speak up about who they are, what they want, and what they do not want from their significant others.  Now, there are some things that I do think you should keep to yourself i.e, your "number".  You know the question..."how many were you intimate with before him?"  No matter what number you give, it will be too much for him...trust me!  And besides, what difference just keep that one to yourself!    Here are 8 silly things women keep from their boo.  Speak up ladies!   

1.  Lying about your weight/size.  If you are intimate with your man then he knows what your size looks like so why lie about it?  Obviously, he likes what he sees!  

2. Eating like a bird in front of him.  That just makes you look hungry!  EAT if you are hungry, guys don't really care about that. 

3.  Not admitting to it when you don't feel well.  Since we, women, have the need to please, you might find yourself at an amusement park, all while you have the work case of diarrhea ever!  Don't suffer through it...be honest and tell your man how you feel.  The right one will respect you for it and nurse you back to health.

4. Not telling him when you are afraid/scared of something/situation.  Men like protecting their women so fess up if something doesn't feel right.  Men like to keep their women safe!    

5. Be honest if you don't wanna get married.  Marriage isn't for everyone and he may feel the same way.  Ever heard of a lifelong courtship?! 

6. Tell him if you don't want to be a Mommy.  Motherhood is a huge responsibility so if you want to wait or avoid it all together...then you should tell him.  He will respect your honesty and you both can make an informed decision about your future.

7. If you aren't happy, communicate your feelings.  If he cares, he will change.  If he doesn't then at least you can say you tried.  Life is too short.

8. Let him see how you really look when you wake up.  If you are the type to apply full make-up before he gets out of the bed, then you are wasting you time.  Let your man see you in your full glory! 

9. If the sex leaves you unfulfilled, this is something he should know.  There are certain things that you can't "fake it 'til you make it".  If he doesn't know it's not good, how can he get better?  Besides...teaching him will be fun.

If this is you, then open your mouth and let the words come out ladies!  What