Stop Sweaty Thigh & Ass Stains In Your Dress!

One thing that goes hand and hand with hot weather is sweat.  And if you haven't already started experiencing the heat then you know that it's coming.   A few days ago, I went out on date night with my honey bunny.  We sat on the patio of a nice restaurant to enjoy some Mexican food and a Skinny Margarita or two.  Before heading home, I went into the bathroom and as I turn to check out my butt in my yellow sundress (you know how we do ladies) I'm horrified to see sweat streaks along my ass crack and thighs!  It looked so disgusting.  All I could think was that I'm not going out there in front of everyone while the back of my dress is soaked with sweat stains with an imprint of my butt and thighs...not cute!  Now, I'm an active woman and watch what I eat (for the most part) so why are my thighs and butt sweating like this?  Welp, because I'm human and it's hot as hell outside...simple as that!  As I covered my ass with my large handbag and walked swiftly to the car, I couldn't help but think..."How can I prevent this from happening again?"  I mean seriously, I LOVE a sexy sundress so I refuse to give them up over a little "sweat" issue.  So, I've done some testing to see how to avoid the "sweaty back dress" syndrome.  Here are 3 tricks you can use to avoid this!

Trick # 1 - Use talcum powder - Lightly rub talcum powder on your upper thighs to keep them dry from sweat.  Make sure not to use so much that it soaks through your clothes.  

Trick # 2 - Breathable Panties - To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of wearing panties under a dress.  But with the summers' sweltering heat, panties are a necessity.  Choose breathable fabrics to let air flow down there to keep it dry. 

Trick # 3 - Use Deodorant - lightly rub your inner thighs with clear deodorant (or a body glide) to keep them dry. You may also choose to rub a light streak on the outside of your panties for extra protectant against the sweat.

So there you have it.  3 things I use to avoid have "sweaty back dress" syndrome.  What works for you?