Does Wearing Red Make You A THOT?

Red has always been my favorite color!  As a little girl shopping I would choose red top or dress over any other color, I always wanted the red popsicle or the red Lifesaver.  As an adult, my passion for red stayed the same.  It's my go to color when I want to stand out from the crowd, it's the color of my dress when I want my mans teeth to fall out on date night, it's my lipstick color when I want to sex up my look, it gleams against my carmel skin tone...I mean I can go and on.  So image my "WTF" thought this morning while I'm typing away on my computer and I hear a Today Show correspondent referring to a study that was performed by a psychologist at the University Of Rochester.  In short, the study found that women dressed in red are thought to be more interested in pursuing sex and thought to be less faithful to their significant other, regardless of whether they are.  The study also found that other women did not want their men to be around other women in red.  As a red lover myself, this report made me pondered the question, "Does wearing red make me a THOT"?  You're familiar with the term right?  If not, let me give you a quick lesson in the latest acronym. THOT stands for That Hoe Over There.  Yes, I cracked up the first time I heard it too, but I've found myself throwing it around here and there.  I mean THOTs are out there!  By definition I can't be a THOT since I've been in a long, committed relationship for several years but what about all of the other women?!  Pondering that question though quickly snapped me back into reality.  I'm not sure what type of women were surveyed but they should probably know if the women looks good in red then she will also look good in orange, blue, purple...whatever the color.  A bad bitch is a bad bitch, no matter what color she wears.  And if your man picks her over you then it's probably the man and not the women or the color of her dress.  It's true the color is an attention grabber but what's wrong with grabbing peoples' attention?!  I don't think wearing red makes a woman a THOT, it just exudes so much confidence and sexiness that others around become intimated.  So don't worry about what others think, when you choose to wear your red dress!  Walk in the room with confidence and remember...All Eyes On Me (in my Tupac voice)!

                                 All Nighter Dress                                                          Fire Skirt 

               All Caught Up Dress                                                          Traffic Stop Top

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 Are you a red lover?!  What do you think about the survey?