2 Sexy New Denim Looks To Shop Now

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

I think it might be safe to say that denim is everyones favorite, right?!  Come on, you know that favorite pair of jeans that fit so well that you refuse to wash them cause you don't want to mess with the fit?!  Or the ones that have to be washed and dried in order to fit on your butt and thighs just the way you like it?!  Love 'em or try to hate 'em...denim is timeless and here to stay.  Think back about it...was there ever a time when you didn't own at least one denim item..jeans, shorts, or jacket?!  Go all the way back to when you were a little bitty peanut.  It's been around all of your life, right?!  

Since you are so familiar with denim then you know the "uniform" when it comes time to sex up denim.  Grab a sexy top, heels, a clutch and you are ready to go!  Sound familiar?!  If this does then you have come to the right place.  Here are 2 sexy, new ways to rock denim:

               Denim Halter Crop Top                                          Chambray Dream Dress


These new denim looks will give you just the twist needed on a timeless classic.  Which look do you like best?

Shop these looks here: http://www.bluelabelsboutique.com/collections/denim