Can You Be Friends With An Ex?

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

At some point in your life, I'm sure this conversation has come up during a night out with your ladies. Other than that, the thought never crossed my mind until this morning.  I grabbed my cup of coffee (gotta have it), laptop and went out on the balcony for a morning of caffeine and reading about crap people don't really care.  As I'm scrolling I run across an article discussing how "Ashlie Simpson went to her exes party with her fiancé, Evan Ross".  I'm geeked up from caffeine so I click on it.  To sum it up, Ashlie and her fiancé "looked so in love" and even "sat on eachothers lap" at the party.  I scanned the article and thought "What is the big f*#^ing deal?!".  Is there a rule that says you are supposed to despise your ex after the relationship is over?  I sent out a few messages to some girlfriends to see what their thoughts were.  I sent the message to 6 but only 2 replied, not sure what that means but, here is what I got: 

"Nope...there will always be that door that's slightly open to correct the wrong from the past but then again I don't believe that men and women can be friends..." 

Another said:

"I think it's possible but depends upon situation.  Not ideal for me personally,  When I am done I want to be completely don't with you"

What do you think, is it a big deal?!