Love Of Lace

I can't hide my love for lace.  I must admit this is a newfound love.  I mean I liked it but I didn't know I loved it!  It started about last week when my mom and I went wedding dress shopping. It was my first time trying on dresses so we go around picking out all of the dresses that we loved.  I go into the dressing room and there are about 5 to try on.  The first one was taffeta and chiffon...not a good look.  The second one was satin...not cute and it felt like a sauna.  So at this point I'm standing half naked in front of a lady that I met about 20 minutes ago and sweating like I'm going through menopause.  She pulls the next dress off of the hanger and I see that it is lace.  My first thought is this is "this is gonna look like my grannies old dress".  Reluctantly,  I slid it on and looked in the mirror and fell in love!  The fabric was so airy and light.  There was nothing granny-ish about it!  I didn't pick a dress that day but lace is definitely an option.  Its openwork makes it a great fabric to wear during the warm months.  If you are a lace lover or flirting with the idea, here are 7 lace options that you must have!    



                    Spring Bloom Dress

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