3 Things Every Women Needs But Might Not Know It!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Most women don't have the luxury of buying 365 outfits so that they can wear something different every day of the year.  Who wants to do that anyway?  And who has the closet space anyway?!  Besides a LBD and a great pair of black heels (you know this already) there are some other things that every women MUST Have!  Did you know it?!   

The Freak 'Em Dress - Beyonce told us best..."Get your freak 'em dress on, get your freak 'em dress on!"  The dress you feel sexy and confident in no matter what.  The dress you wear that has your man following you around like a lost puppy...that one!  Your freak 'em dress might be leather hot pants and a chiffon top but  every women must have that oufit that makes her show up and show out! 

Eye Drops - Ever took a selfie and red eyes ruined it?!  Don't depend on red eye reduction.  Put a drop of Visine in your eyes and you will be red eye free all night!

Red Lipstick - If you aren't already addicted, give it a try!  Sometimes...it is all your outfit needs!  (Just be sure to get help picking the shade best for you.)

A Sense Of Humor - As women, we naturally put a lot of pressures on ourselves.  The next time you feel overwhelmed, try laughing about it.  Don't take small things too seriously.  That thing about "life being short" is true!

Would you add anything else to the list?  To shop for your freak 'em dress : http://www.bluelabelsboutique.com/collections/dress