10 Random Things I Hate, Can You Relate?

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Positivity is one of the best traits any person can have.  In a world where things are up, down, and all around having a positive outlook on everything will help to push you through those downtimes.  But there are some things that irritate me to no end.   

1.  People who don't say "Thank You" and "You're Welcome".  Is it that hard people?!

2.  People who cough and don't cover their mouth. Why do you want to spread your germs everywhere?!

3.  People who think wearing tight clothes makes them look smaller.  It's actually the opposite.  

4.  Wearing shorts that you have to pull down every two steps you take.

5.  When you are trying get on the entrance ramp to the freeway and the people who are already on the freeway refuse to get over to let you on.

6.  When people are in the store on their cell phone and they are talking so loud that you can hear their entire conversation.

7.  I love social media like the rest of the world but do you really need to tweet a pic of what you are eating, drinking, or any other little thing?!

8.  When you spend a lot of time getting ready then you walk outside in the heat and start sweating like a hog.  All of that prep time for nothing?!

9.  People who stare at you and you see them staring at you.  You lock eyes with them but yet they continue to start without saying hello...how rude is that?!

10.  When women say "Beauty Is Pain".  It doesn't have to be.  You can wear clothes and shoes that are sexy yet comfortable.   

So here they are...just to name a few.  What do you hate?! Or can you relate?