4 Ways To Get The Most For Your Money When Shopping

1. Material -  If the dress, top or whatever can't stand going through a cycle in the washer and dryer then choose something else.   Why would you want to waste your money on that?  

2. Return Policy - Prior to making a purchase, check for the stores return policy.  Just in case, the item doesn't work out you don't want to be out of that money.

3. Versatility - You can't go wrong with an outfit that can be worn to the office,  girls night out, and Sunday service!  A simple shoe and jewelry change is a great way to transform the same outfit from day to night. Plus, you get more for your money.

4. Invest In Classics -  Spend more on pieces that you will be able to wear for years to come.  For instance, maxi dresses are a staple and will be in style at least until you become a grandma (seriously).  But crops will come and go.  Don't break the bank for something you might only wear for one season.  

What shopping tips do you live by?