Why Are They Hatin' On Bey?

As you may have heard starting July 22nd, The Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, OH will have an exhibit to show off some of Beyonces' costumes.  When I read the announcement I was so excited because if anyone deserved for their costumes to be displayed, its Beyonce!  I love her style particularly because although she's a trendsetter, she doesn't follow the trends.  Beyonce makes her own rules in fashion (words that I try to live by).  She knows what works for her and she works the hell out of it.  From denim cutoffs to a sequin thong, Bey is that b*tch!  Unfortunately, everyone doesn't share my excitement.  I've seen some pretty harsh articles basically stating that she doesn't deserve it, they say she's not a fashion icon, and other blasphemy!  Reading these articles got me hot!  How could people think she hasn't made any impact in fashion?  How can critics really think that she doesn't deserve this display at all?!  I mean they sound cray!!! But then, I had to quickly snap back into reality and realize what world we are currently in.  Unfortunately, the world is full of haters and there isn't a damn thing me, Beyonce, or any other strong women in the world can do about it.  Not only is she a fashion icon but she has shown how you can have it all: super successful career, a super successful husband, a beautiful daughter and still be sexy as a mofo!  She is modern and fearless, which is what Blue Labels Boutique is all about.  You know how it is...you're nobody until people start hating on you.  So I say let the haters hate!  What do you think of her being included at the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame?  To shop: http://www.bluelabelsboutique.com