#Girlcode Rules For Friendships

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Friendships can be so valuable.  Laughing, crying, dancing, vacationing...all of the things that I've shared with some of my girlfriends can never be forgotten.  I must admit though that the friend pool has gotten murky in recent years.  It seems like from grade school through high school the pickings were plenty.  But after high school, it seems like friends started dropping like flies.  Initially, I thought it was me. But then I realized that as we grow, so does our ideas of what makes a good friend.  I always say that there are no rules in fashion.  But unlike fashion, there are some rules with the other important F word...friendship.  Thats why I'm giving you my 6 girl code rules: 


1.  If your friend ever dated him, he may or may not be off limits.  Ask before you act on it!  

2.  Having a similar style is fine but don't run out and buy the same outfit or expensive handbag as your friend.  Being influenced is one thing but you aren't twins.  Ever heard of individuality?

3.  If you say that you "won't tell anyone" then don't tell anyone!

4.  Be honest when asked, "How does this look on me?"  You are being asked because this person trusts your opinion.  If it makes her butt look square then speak up!  It is better than leaving the house with a Sponge Bob Square Pants ass!

5. Know your limit.  With the exception of a birthday, or bachelorette parties stay away from getting too tipsy during girls night out.  No one wants to go out to be a babysitter.  

6.  Yes, you have to respond to that long text or lend your ear for hours when she's having a relationship crisis.  Everyone needs someone to talk to about difficult things.  Besides, you want the favor returned, right?  

What girl code rules would you add to the list?