5 Things Your Man Could Learn From Watching Dirty Dancing

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Somewhere along the lines a movie that has love and romance without explosives or aliens is considered a chick flick.  Add singing and/or dancing to the mix and your man might run straight out of the movie theatre.  One of my favorite movies of all time is Dirty Dancing.  It came out in 1987 and to date it is still one of my favorite movies.  I mean it's romantic, the dancing is hot, music is great and the "ugly" girl gets the guy!! How can you not love that movie?!  Not to mention the hot pants, crops, fit n' flare dresses and all of the other sexy retro fashion that crossed the screen.  Most of those styles are still being worn today but I digress.  Unfortunately, I have never got my man to sit down and give it a watch.  Why?!  Because it's "a chick flick" and "it's old".  Yep, that's what he thinks!  Got to love them right?!  Since he probably isn't the only one with these CRAZY ides, I thought you might need some help too.  Here are 5 things men could learn from watching Dirty Dancing.     

                                         Trust is so important!



                         We love it when our man teaches us new things! 


                                                     Know her worth.

          A little romance goes a long way.

                               Pillowtalk is the best!

Think he will watch now?! Hope this helps!  What else did you get from this classic movie?