The Skinny on Eating "Skinny"

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

On my daily trip to the grocery store, maybe it is every other day, but I go a lot.  No kids, my fiancé and I are somewhat spontaneous so go when we know what we want for the day.  So anyway, I'm walking down the aisles and notice a lot of food and/or drinks that claim to be "skinny".  Everything from a sugar substitutes, chocolate, cocktails even water!  How can you have skinny water by the way?!  That just sounds crazy!  I'm a woman who dropped about 8 sizes myself so I might know a thing or two about losing weight.  And let me just tell you that eating food that is labeled "skinny" isn't going to do it.  Like most things in life hardwork and dedication is what it is that simple.  That money spent on overpriced "skinny" food could be better applied on amping up your wardrobe for the upcoming season...just sayin'.  Instead of boring you with a bunch of dos and don'ts, here are some small changes you can use to help with your skinny.

 ~ Use calorie free condiments like mustard or hot sauce. 

~ Don't drink calories is always the best option for your waistline!

~ I know a woman enjoys a cocktail so if drinking calories is a must try red wine or champagne.   They have some of the lowest calorie options.  If that's not your thing, avoid sugary mixes.  Request sugar free options or on the rocks.  

~ Don't deny yourself from anything you really want.  Do that and you might find yourself creeping into the kitchen at 1am, devouring that cake you were trying to avoid.  Eat a thin slice and keep it moving...moderation is the key!

~ Get the combo without the fries. 

~ Just say no to the bread basket.

~ Grilled is always better than fried (but you knew that).

These little changes make a big difference.  What else would you add to the list?