7 Things Single Girls Should Do

How does love strike?  It happens when you aren't looking your best and you are running into the grocery store to pick up a few things, you lock eyes with him and instantly you know!  Or when you are in the airport looking for somewhere to charge your iPhone, you ask the guy sitting on the floor, "Is this plug taken" and poof...instant chemistry!  Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic or watched Cinderella one too many times, but I'm the type of woman who believes there is a Prince Charming out there for every woman and you will find him when you least expect it.  I'm sure most would agree that being in a healthy, fulfilling relationship is a goal in their life.  Holding hands while taking a stroll on the beach, romantic dinners, late night pillow talk, always having that person to call when something exciting or not so exciting happens are some of the best things about finding that special someone.  But what are you supposed to do if you haven't found that special someone?!  The saying "You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince" isn't just a cute saying, it is true?!  Granted, there are exceptions to this.  I know of people (only 2 couples to be exact) who married their first boyfriend from high school and are still married to this day.  But how often does that happen?!  I mean some of us have kissed so many frogs that our lips have turned green and he still isn't here.  So what does a single girl do when she waiting for her Prince to arrive?  Well, here are some ideas!      

Go To The Movies and/or Dinner Solo - Take yourself out.  You don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy dinner and a movie.  

Travel Solo - A spa weekend by yourself at a fancy hotel can be one of the best things you do for yourself.  It's super relaxing, you get a chance to experience everything only you want to do (most men don't LOVE the spa) and people are pampering you like crazy.  What girl wouldn't love that?  

Sex In The City - Get your snacks, wine, comfy clothes, favorite blanket and take a weekend to binge watch Sex In The City.  Seriously, you can learn a lot from watching Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte navigate through their single and married lives.  It will remind you of how fun being single can be, it will confirm why you dumped the last jerk and you will get some serious fashion inspiration all while feeling like you are spending time with the girls!

Discover What YOU Want To Do - Balancing your needs and your mans needs all while accomplishing your goals can be tough.  But being single is the perfect time to focus on your career goals.  Take this time to go back to school and get that Bachelors degree that you keep putting off.  Start that business that you have been dreaming of.  This is the perfect time to focus on YOU!

Get Out - With internet dating being so popular alot of women choose to sit behind their computer screen and scroll those profiles looking for their next date.  Try meeting people the "old fashion" way.  Put on your workout gear and join that gym that you pass everyday on your way home from work. Or throw on that casually sexy outfit you have that always turns heads and go shopping at the mall.  Slide on skinny jeans with a slinky tee shirt and go to that free Jazz in the Park festival your town always has.  You don't wanna go out looking for him but you can't stay in the house hoping that he will be Profile # 14332, either.  

Get A Cocktail - If you enjoy going to happy hour after work then do it!  Sit at the bar, have a glass of your favorite whatever, flirt with the bartender and head home.   

Be Happy -  Although, it sounds easy, but some find this a hard thing to do.  Mr. Right will come into your life whenever he is destined too.  I truly believe that!  But in the meantime, take your singledom as a time to learn what really makes you happy and content.  In the end, you will love yourself more and he will too! 

All my single ladies!  You can't put your life on hold waiting for him to fall out of the sky...do you!  Any other ideas?!