Reasons To Wear His Shirt To Bed Instead of Buying Expensive Lingerie

Posted by Kristie Glenn on


It never fails every morning I'm frantically rummaging through dresser drawers looking for a bandeau top that goes under that one dress.  Or I'm searching for that top I can never find when I'm looking for it.  A few days ago, was no different. I'm on my usual rampage and notice the drawers are so stuffed that they won't fully close.  Didn't I just do Spring cleaning, it seems like yesterday?!  I decides that it is time to tackle that project once again so I create piles on the floor.  One pile goes to charity, a "maybe" or "give to a friend" pile, and the absolutely not pile.  Once I'm done I notice the absolutely not pile is full of lacy panties that have been washed too many times and bras that have lost their shape.  I was left with a couple of decent panties and one bra.  So I decided that I was going to step my game up and replace them with sexy lingerie.  But after pricing panties at $30 a pop, I started to re-think that idea.  Maybe I don't need lingerie.  I mean my boo already knows I'm sexy, right?!  Granted, there are those 5 for $25 sales but they will end up in the trash pile in a couple of months anyway .  So what's the point?  What sealed the deal was my flashback to last year when I decided to take some of my recycled lingerie (lingerie I have worn for him before) on a vacation.  Remembering that his reaction to the lingerie is just as great as when I wear one of his shirts to bed, I decided to save my coins!  And maybe you should consider it too.  When I asked which he liked best, he said "I love how you look both ways".  For the fun of it, I didn't ask him why.  Here are my reasons why you should just wear his shirt to bed.    

~ He cares more about your birthday suit that what you wear to bed at night.    

~ He thinks his shirts looks sexier anyway

~ Less drawer space used.  You will be conserving drawer space since his are already there anyway.

~ Versatile.  It is easy to add some sexiness to his shirts.  If it is a button up then let a couple buttons at the bottom and top stay open.  Wearing a t-shirt? Then tie it at the waist and wear with some boy shorts.   

~ It smells like him.  If you end up in the shirt he wore that day that there may be a mix of his sweat and cologne.  Believe it or not...his smell can be an aphrodisiac!

~ One less thing to wash.  Wearing his shirts will cut down on your laundry load. 

~ Have kids?  They may forget to knock before entering.  So it may be easier to explain Dads shirt than a garter and crotchless panties.  Just saying   

Does your guy like when you wear his shirt? Or do you prefer lingerie?