Forget The Mall, Here Is Why I Shop Online

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Shopping has ALWAYS been my cardio.  As a little girl I would get up early Saturday morning with my mom and we would be at the mall from morning until night.  It got worse as I got older.  I made mall runs a few times a week because I knew that I was going out later on the week.  So I would plan the outfit in my head and hit the mall.  Saturdays without shopping meant I am going through withdrawals...I'm talking about shaking and all!  But all of this "running to the mall " changed.  

One sunny Saturday afternoon, I plan a day of going to the mall to shop for scarves.  I was relaly into my boho look.   So on this day, I put on the outfit I had planned from the night before (crop, skinnies, and sandals). All set for a day of scarf browsing.  But before I can get started, my first stop is the Post Office.  I notice that people are standing outside holding the door open.  "This is the line?" I thought.  I stood in the part of the line that was outside in 100 degree Texas heat and another 5-10 more minutes in the building.  When I reached the clerk she mentioned they were probably so busy because of the beginning of the school year.  Apparently, grandparents, far away parents and everyone in between were sending off school care packages.  By the time, I make it back to the car I am sweating like cray.  The skinnies jeans were just too damn hot.  So I decide to run back home and throw on a flowy dress.  Hey it was hot...I needed the air to flow.  

Now it's off to the mall in my flowy dress.  Once I pulled into the parking lot, I see it again.  It is completely full.  We drive around and around looking for a parking spot, not a close spot, but any parking spot.  Thank God we made a stop at the gas station.  After finally parking and trekking to the front I see absolute mayhem!  Screaming babies, "shoo sing" mothers, and Daddies who have that "I'm ready to go!" look on their face.  No biggie though, I'm only looking for one thing.  

The first store had a wall full of scarves.  Yes!  But they are 6 feet up so I need a clerk.  There's no one around.  "Excuse me" I say as they kept whizzing by me helping the other 100 girls that were waiting.  I even tried to get a hanger to try to make the scarf fall off the wall...nothing.  Guess I'll go somewhere else.

In the next store I found the exact orange print to compliment my outfit.  As I'm standing in line, people walk in front of me and accidentally chip my toe nail polish.  Then 10 minutes into my line waiting, the register decides it is time to run out of paper.  Not only that but the machine would not take the new receipt paper.  "I don't have time for this" I think even though I do.  But who wants to wait all of that time for a $10 scarf?! So it's on to the next one.

As I'm searching for the next store, I notice I might as well wear a shirt that reads, "Excuse Me".  I am stepping in front of people or people are walking towards me.  They are trying to whiz their strollers around me, or I'm stumbling over a 1 year old that is just starting to walk.  Apparently, his parents thought it was a good idea for the baby to practice walking in an overly crowded mall.  Why?!  At this point, I decided that enough was enough and I was ready to go home.  After fighting the traffic back home, I make a snack, and throw on my chilling clothes.  After sitting on my comfy couch, I open my laptop and put "orange scarf" in the search field.  There it is!  5 minutes later I'm completing my checkout.  And it is delivered to my door a couple of days later.  I didn't have to change, fight traffic, getting my toes ran over or catch a cramp from standing too long.  Besides that...who has the time?!  Internet shopping...where has it been all my life?!  Now my cardio is actually done on a cycling bike.  

Do you prefer to shop online?!  What's your favorite part about it?